So I’ve recently finished reading my 3rd book of the year. I actually re-read The Color Purple in January along with the 3, after many years since I read it for the first time back in the day. My March book was Ace Moloi’s Holding My Breath (Black Bird Books). I finished it just under 14 days and that’s an achievement given the fact that I get home so tired already and I don’t have any energy left with the pregnancy almost getting advanced.

Ace Moloi writes this memoir in letter form to his late mother who passed on when he was 13 years old. This letter is written in a manner which takes the reader on a journey of the state of South Africa in the 24 years into democracy, it was released in 2016 but the subjects in it are still so relevant. The issues touched on include poverty;  service non-delivery in townships/rural areas; poverty in child-headed homes;  university racism and segregation as Ace is a graduate of the Free State University; the reasons why Fees Must Fall and broken families. The book has gone onto it’s 4th print the last time I checked – it’s still selling fairly well.

I am giving this book 4 out of 5 stars.

Remember I made a commitment to read 12 books with an addition of 6 non-fiction books per fiction book read during 2018? So I’ll be doing just that but in my own pace. I’m going to stay in my lane on this one, and not put any pressure on myself.