So I have finally began reading SJK’s Killing Karoline.

I attended the book launch at the David Krut Bookstore, meeting Sara-Jayne was an honour as I had been interacting with her for a while leading up to her Joburg leg of the launch. The book launch was attended by a few familiar faces including our very own Matthew Booth who I hear is busy writing a book, so he’s been spotted at book fairs, book launches etc.

Killing Karoline is a memoir of SJK’s life – born as baby Karoline and later named Sarah-Jayne (she dropped the “h” when she was older) by her adoptive parents. Born to a British mother and a black father back in the 80’s when it was a crime for black people and white people to even think of having any sexual relations in South Africa… She is born a crime – classified as white at the time of birth.  She is taken out of the country when she’s 7 weeks old under the pretense that she’s going to get medical care in England which isn’t offered in South Africa. Upon return, her biological mother claims Karoline didn’t survive. She killed her by giving her up for adoption and pretended she’s dead. Killing Karoline is SJK’s story leading up to her coming back home to South Africa.

I’m on page 54 and I’m already thinking of my next break at work so I can gobble up this book.

Get your copy at local bookstores, or online.