Thulani ‘Yeyeye’ Gumede will launch his second book Lovers & Mirrors, on 25 March at the Bessie Head Library in Pietermaritzburg. His first book Inqaba: Grief and Hope opened up a lot of doors for him and he has since been featured in various media platforms for interviews . We requested that he share a little bit about his upcoming book and this is what he had to say:

After my subtle battle on my first six months of marriage, and after realizing that I was not the only one, I then took it upon myself to write a book, Lovers & Mirrors. This books aims to fill a gap that is left by what is called Pre-marital counseling, which is something that most couples end up doing as a pre-requisite to get married. This book serves as a preparatory for young couples considering marriage and a reminder for older couples in marriage. So mainly, this is a book of relationships.

The main theme of the book is to show lovers that the main challenges in our relationships are because we are selfish by nature. We love ourselves more we love our partners.

As readers read they will unlock themselves of selfishness as they realize how they easily become selfish without paying attention. Some people suffocate because they only give without getting back, hence I have even written about Slaves and Masters in Chapter 5.

The book is available for R150, and it will be on sale at the launch. For more information, contact Thulani on +27 72 182 4993.

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