In the month of January I had a radio interview with one of my favourite people, Sara-Jayne King. Author of Killing Karoline, remember that book that was one of my 2017 highlights? Yes, that author. She is the host of  Cape Talk Radio’s “Late Nights”, a journalist and an awesome person.

We spoke about the Bookamoso Book Club journey, where it started and what my reading highlights for 2017 were and what books I’m looking forward to reading this coming year. I also talked about my obsession with covering all my books lol – and demanding my books from everyone I’ve lent them out to (#BringBacktheBooks).

I’m challenging myself this year with 12 books and an additional 6 non-fiction books for each fiction book. Pray for me!!

Listen to the radio interview here and tell me if I’ve got a voice for radio or not 🙂