So I have a confession – I’ve been struggling with reading and finishing a book for over 5 months or so. I know, I know – shameful…

My reason? Laziness, and a mild seasonal depression I have concluded. I suffer from a serious case of not liking the cold wintry nights or days – as long as it’s Winter, I’m just depressed. I end up stopping my routine of attempting to go to the gym at least 3 times a week, fitting in a 5km here and lots of reading during this depressive time. Till I was invited and accepted a bookish lunch and wine invite hosted by the Literary Alliance Book Club and Book Circle Capital last month.  Which ended up becoming a book-filled day and night as I went to see the newly opened second branch African Flavour Books in Braamfontein, but more on that later.

The lunch was attended by 9 of the Lit Ally’s bookish people who some of them I’ve “met” through social media due to a love for books and the literature world. The lunch was followed by a stroll down to the newest addition to the few independent bookshops around Jozi, Book Circle Capital which recently opened it’s doors in Maboneng Precinct. We were gifted a bottle of wine, and a book per person (YEY!) . We got to take pictures and browse through an all impressive collection of books to choose from. Do check out their IG account as they get new stock weekly. I still want to go back and support the store by purchasing a book or two for my collection. Going back to the lunch, it really ignited that feeling of wanting to get back to my reading once again. I picked up a book I’ve been struggling with – for a little bit following the lunch. Then dropped it again once it got too heavy for me, so I’ve decided to park it for now. Yes I do get quite emotional whenever I read something that I relate to personally.

Fast forward to a week ago when I accepted yet another invite to the book discussion for Niq Mhlongo’s Way Back Home with Literary Alliance. I went ahead and got into the book as I had bought it at Bargain Books for a steal as part of BB’s National Book Week campaign (Shout out to Bargain Books!)  I managed to read 99% of the book before the book discussion which ensured I was able to be a part of the discussion. What an engaging discussion it was, Niq is a very well informed, honest, chilled kind of author. We had a lovely afternoon, and I met some new people – which is what always lights my fire and love for running Bookamoso. The people. It’s all about the people at the end of the day.

So I’m back. Glad to be back. Now I’m reading Ayobami Adebayo’s Stay With Me. Hopefully I’ll keep this momentum going and who knows, I might get to my target of 12 books for the year 2017 (Don’t judge)