I received two books from strangers about a month into beginning the Secret Book Exchange.  On the day I decided I needed to set aside time to either 1. Go through my collection some more and choose a favourite book for a stranger or 2. Go online and buy a book for a stranger. I did post a book to Gcobisa Gaxela as well, did my part. I hope we actually keep up with it.

I attended Fred Khumalo’s book launch and met the lovely Tumelo Moleleki, who has now sent me Nakhane’s Piggy Boy’s Blues which has been on my wishlist (now my wish is for the book to be autographed 😬). The next book I received is from Annietjie whom I believe I will meet one day as she is based in Tembisa. So happy to have decided to be a part of this fun movement. Thanks to Yanga @yangonegp once again.