On Saturday, 11 March 2017 we attended the launch of How Many Ways Can You Say Hello by Refiloe Moahlodi.

How Many Ways Can You Say Hello is the story of Sarah on her first day of school. The day is filled with lots of surprises but Sarah soon realizes that she doesn’t know what all the other children are saying, which will make it hard to make friends. She is then encouraged by her teacher to learn the many ways to say hello. The book is filled with lovely colourful illustrations.

In attendance were lots of young patrons who filled up the lovely Love Books along with their parents, aunties and uncles. The author read animatedly and the kids were so enthralled into the story. There were nice treats set up outside and as if that wasn’t enough for the VIP’s, there were colour-in activities given to each child courtesy of the book’s illustrator, Anja Stoeckigt.

We usually say Dumelang in our home language of Setswana. But with the book we’re sure to learn more ways. How many ways can you say hello? Let us know in the comments.

The book is available at Love Books for R140 and comes with a CD narrated by the author herself for kids and parents who aren’t sure about the pronunciation of the phrases. I especially was happy that all the books were sold on the launch! It is important that we encourage reading to the kids, and I think this book is very important to emphasize our country’s diversity.